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SKETCHBOOK/ Travel Sketches - India and Sri Lanka

itinerary of February

(India) Tiruchirappalli - Pondicherry - Mamallapuram - Chennai -(Sri Lanka) Kandy - Haputale - Del Housie - Dambulla - Sigiriya - Anuradhapura - Pollonaruwa - Colombo(India) Madurai - Tiruchirappalli - Tanjore
itinerary of April
(India) Tiruchirappalli - Kanyakumari - Trivandrum - Kovalam - Samudra - Varkala - Kollam - Alleppey - Kottayam - Kochi - Mysore - Bangalore - Hampi
(India) Hampi - Panjim(Goa) - Mumbai - Aurangabad - Delhi


Chennai Airport before flying to Sri Lanka

Artist, S Jayaraj In the early morning, I saw a guy who was sketching something at the airport, Chennai. I talked to him without hesitation and we spent about 10 minutes drawing each other at the gate where his flight takes off.

Haputale in Sri Lanka

Bawa Guest House, Sri Lanka 13 Feb, Thursday

The owner selling Gems in Bawa G.H. ,Haputale Sri Lanka 13 Feb, Thursday

Couch Surfer, Nirasha in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Back to India, Kanyakumari

Back to India, Kanyakumari


Kerala - Backwaters

While all passengers were looking at a wonderful scene of backwaters out of ferry, I was sketching an engine making roaring sound standing by the fence of it. 16 March, 2014 on a ferry runs to Kanjiram jetty near Kottayam

Train Sketches in South India

a train sketch / going to Villapuram, India 2 Feb Sunday

napping on 3AC train Madurai -> Trichy 25 Feb, Tuesday

a train sketch / going to Villapuram, India 2 Feb Sunday

a train sketch / going to Villapuram, India 2 Feb Sunday


My nice travelling companions :) Cochin, Kerala, India


I ask most of people I met and sketched to note their contacts down on my sketchbooks for sending prints of drawings when I go back home. I miss them a lot everytime I see these handwritings. It's the greatest gifts for me :) 24 March, 2014 in Mysore, Karnataka, India

animal sketches I try to visit zoo in every place where I go if possible. 23 March, 2014 in Zoo, Mysore


State central library 26 march, 2014, Bangalore, India


pAfter swimming and diving, we had different time each other. Me and Ivan started to draw, Timo caught a fish and, Ganesha and Daria were relaxed. It was 40℃ in the day, Hampi 30 March 2014

hardly moved and patient model 29 March, 2014 'Baba cafe', Hampi, India

No name goat. He got no name. When Ivan and me was looking for a restaurant after riding motorbike in awfully hot weather, someone recommended us 'baba cafe' near the river and in addition he said that there is a boat there. We expected to have a nice lunch on the boat but only a goat on the yard instead of it. Nice Thali meal on the goat! a sketch diary made of the day's all events. a Mouth harp, Timo's cat, Banana peels turned into the goat's poo, lanterns in my favorite restaurant, day and night. — in Hampi, India. 29 March, 2014

Pattabhirama temple, Hampi, Karnataka 28 March 2014

Panjim in Goa

Panjim, Goa, Inida 04 April, Friday

quick sketch with brunch at George Bar and Restaurant in Panaji, Goa

Old Goa

Church of st. Cajetan, Old Goa, Inida 05 April, Saturday

rooted to the spot, sitting in the old church smell damp and bats for 5 hours without a break. Church of st. Cajetan, Old Goa, Inida 06 April, Sunday


For 3 days, I had to go seeing unfriendly staffs in Airtel office because of my horrible mobile sim card. Long queuing and lots of time for drawing them — at Chakala,Andheri(East), Mumbai

I had a chance to see these eyes in the market, beyond chicken coop I only could see their eyes scary, nervous and sometimes resentful for me. I tried to catch very anxious feeling of it, sketched them walking among the trucks. — at Crawford Market. Mumbai, India 9 April, 2014

Couch Surfing in Mumbai

Ellora Caves - Kailash Temple

The awful sun was too hot and there were no trees to offer me shade at all, water on the paper was dried too fast before doing something. the Kailasa temple — atEllora Caves, Aurangabad. 18 April, India


As the music started, I felt every bottles on the table was broken and merged. at club 'Aquarium', Delhi 26 April, 2014


the first day I met Hamza sketched him DJing really inspiring music Listen his music>> at club 'Aquarium' Delhi India 26 April, 2014

DJ Hamza , in Delhi 27 April — at Houz Khas Village

Catching movement on sketchbook. I worked at an animation company very long time ago, and wondered how to sketch them looks like moving on a single paper, not taking some typical cartoon style . I'm studying how to make it. 27 April— at Houz Khas Village

having a dinner alone at a restaurant in Delhi no one sat in the opposite.. foods are not cheap with AC nothing to do much after dinner..spending a lot of time here to sketch my menus 25 Apr, 2014

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