Fine artist and illustrator, Sunga Park, tells us about the ins and outs of her creative process. The Korean artist now living in Thailand tells us who she is as an artist, creative and individual.

A: Who are you? How would you describe yourself.

The things I tell people what I am. I prefer to be more individual and to live in a slightly different way than the others do.

A: The best art you've created has been when you're feeling sad or depressed or what specific emotion?

I really think one of best ways to create extraordinary works is pushing artists to the corner of extremely emotional situations. So much great music, literature and art was born in pain but it doesn’t work all the time. My architectural watercolor works also started from the emotion when I feel longing for things I can’t be with. Filling in my emptiness with my imagination.

A: When do your best ideas come to you?

Inspiration is something pushing me out from a non-productive routine. When I’m traveling, I’m getting the best ideas normally.

A: What's the worst idea you've ever come up with?

When I know what direction clients want, my ideas need to come along with it.So my ideas have never been so bad at the stage of brainstorming even if they could produce some bad results after all.

What's the strangest request you've had from a client?

All my clients have offered me very reasonable and understandable requests until now and I’d say that I have been so lucky with that.

A: How would you define paradise?

Everyone dreams about it but no one can reach it. And it is like a framed beautiful painting hanging on a wall in a way. I think the definition of ‘Paradise’ we can imagine is too idealistic or relative.

A: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

I don’t have a favorite memory in my childhood that I can recall from time to time to make me happy. But I liked to see how my brother played digital games and I also played some games which have nice graphics and stories. I spent most of my time at home or in the school, as my parents and other Korean students were very busy doing other things. I enjoying being alone, reading books and drawing comics. Those are good memories too.

A: When you feel home sick, what do you think about?

For me, the biggest connection between me and my home is just in knowing how it is going there. Normally I don’t feel home sick and haven’t felt it abroad yet. But when I will feel home sick, I suppose I will think about the connection that makes me feel like being at home, such as reading articles about my country or seeing pictures of my family, or talking to them online.

A: What song or songs do you have on repeat?

Ally Kerr: ‘sore feet song’. This song is like a fairy tale that someone tells about his journey strolling in a forest without any intense dramas and strong messages.

Now for a little more fun...

A: If you could clone yourself, what would you use your clone for?

If the clone has my traits, such as my personality, nature and talent, I would love to watch how she lives, and just become an observer. I think it would be a good chance to research myself. I don’t think she wants to be used for my benefit if she is the same person just like me.

A: If you could share a drink with a deceased artist/writer/philosopher, who would it be and why?

I’d say this person would be Umberto Eco to share his progressive perspectives and original ideas toward many issues in the world. He has died recently so he could tell me more about some latest happenings which he knows and I do too.

A: What's a social cause that you identify with?

I’m based in Bangkok currently and listening what happens in this country but I’m focusing on all issues in my country as well. South Korea has been going through a period of transition for ages and I believe things I do care about can be changed in a positive way. Like gender issues, controlling population growth and all-around political issues in Korea.

A: Who is your favorite fashion designer right now?

There’s no fashion designer who I can mention as ‘favorite’, but I do appreciate all kinds of creative people. They’re always showing something new or which makes us think back. Giving people things to inspire or stimulate them is one of the most important roles of art and design field, I think.